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Female Domination

How Does That Feel - February 11, 2019

10-12-2019, 10:20
How Does That Feel - February 11, 2019
Miss XI is clad in a sexy latex outfit, which she loves to wear whenever she sits on a slave’s face.  She mentions how hard it is for the slave to breathe with a mouth full of rubber.  “I wonder how long he can hold his breath,” she says, as she stretches out fully across his body, her ass on his face while her st1lett0s rest on his balls.  She bounces a bit but does not lift enough for him to get any air.  The slave goes a full minute before he starts to move his arms and legs about, desperate to breathe.  Finally, XI rolls slightly in order to give him a short breath of air, but she kicks him in the balls at the same time which prevents him from breathing in deeply.  This time, the slave finds he needs air within seconds and XI expresses her disappointment by punching him in the balls.
She digs her heel into his cock and continues to block his air, letting him breathe occasionally but kicking him in his nuts whenever he attempts a breath.   After almost four minutes, she rolls onto his chest and permits him to catch his breath before she takes her place back on his face.  The slave is starting to get a bit frantic as he struggles for air but XI only laughs at his predicament.  She orders him to stroke his cock, and laughs as she says that the oxygen in his head will now go to his cock and make his demise even quicker. The slave gets hard quickly but before he can cum she orders him to remove his hands from his cock.  He’s so desperate for air that he instinctively reaches up to touch her.  “Take your dirty hands off me!” XI says with a laugh; she has no plans to get up

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How Does That Feel - February 11, 2019
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