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Female Domination

To Be This Close - August 14, 2019

9-12-2019, 17:25
To Be This Close - August 14, 2019
Mmmm, this scene opens as beautiful Miss Jasmine touches herself and remarks on how smooth she feels down there.  The camera pulls back and we see her rub her pussy over her slave’s face and bald head.   This starts out like a POV as Jasmine talks directly to you and uses the slave as nothing more than an object.  “I like to sm0ther him in different ways,” she says, as she lowers her breasts over his head.  She sits up and presses her pussy into his nose and uses it to stimulate her clit.   She moves into a forward-facing position where she notices that her slave is erect.
It’s a hot day and Jasmine lifts her arms to smell her armpits and mentions that she has never worn underarm deodorant.  Have a sniff!  Meanwhile, the slave starts to kick below her but rather than let him breathe, she simply reaches out and rubs his cock.  Jasmine’s ass looks so plump and delicious on the slave’s face, and you’ll wish it were you in that position, even with the lack of air to breathe.  The slave is now rock hard so Jasmine strokes his pathetic cock to tease and deny him before she sits back up to get a nice, tight seal over his face.  “Fight for it; I’m not getting up,” she says

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To Be This Close - August 14, 2019
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